Kneez E-Z is designed to make any kneeling task go so much easier.        


About Us

“It all began one day as a challenge from my mother to my grandfather," says Patti Verb, President of Kneez E-Z. With an active family and pets, it was a challenge to keep the home clean. A mop just wasn’t effective for reaching into corners. Her inability to kneel for extended periods of time created a problem the grandfather was well up to solving.

My grandfather, a 50 year Boiler Maker/Foreman of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, held many patents for the railroad. He was famous for his special quick-cooling technique that made it safe for a man to enter and make repairs to the steam engine boiler when engines arrived at the Round House. That technique made it possible to get the trains out two days earlier than normal for transporting our troops during World War II.

He constructed a cushioned floor coaster that even in a rough form allowed for easy maneuvering while kneeling. "My mother loved how fast and safe it was. And she didn’t have to stand up until the job was done." Over the years, family and friends tried it out, loving how easy it was to do any low level maintenance around the home.

After my grandfather died, and while recovering from injuries sustained in an auto accident, I wanted to keep his spirit alive making his cushioned floor coaster user friendly and public acceptable."

By switching to high impact plastic, the design became light weight for easy carrying, and added design strength to support a 300 lb. person. Because many low-level tasks are poorly lit, a light was added to focus on the task at hand. To keep from marking the floor, special Urethane casters were selected. Our Vice-President, Bradley Tabbert found a local manufacturer to make a flashlight offering more light ten times greater than the ordinary flashlight, small enough to easily fit in a pocket, and with a battery clip for quick reloads reducing down time for workers.

Keeping with a strong desire to help stimulate the local economy, we found manufacturers in the Great Lakes area to make the necessary components for completing Kneez E-Z:

  • The mold was made in Fremont, Ohio
  • The base is made in Bowling Green, Ohio
  • The cushion is made in St. Charles, Michigan
  • Casters are made in St. Joseph Michigan
  • Flashlight is made in Wauseon, Ohio
  • Tote bag is made in Toledo, Ohio

Keeping my grandfather's innovative idea a reality, I am continuing the tradition with new ideas for accessories to use with Kneez E-Z. Those accessories are being engineered and will be available soon.

Kneez E-Z is a woman owned family business with a registered trademark and patent-pending.

For questions or comments, please contact us:

Photography by Grand Lubell, Sylvania, Ohio.



Kneez E-Z, LLC
P.O. Box 217 Williston, OH 43468 Toll Free USA & Canada 1-866-366-Knee (5633)

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Kneez E-Z is the premier cushioned floor coaster, making every low-level task much easier,
reducing stress on the back and knees. Every component made and assembled in the USA, in Northwest Ohio.