Kneez E-Z is designed to make any kneeling task go so much easier.        


Kneez E-Z is the premiere provider of comfort and convenience for any low-level task. And now that Kneez E-Z is approaching its Second Anniversary, take advantage of our Special Offer.

The thick cushion provides a soft and cushioning, gravity defying, weightless feeling. Kneez E-Z takes the stress off backs and knees to increase productivity while reducing fatigue. Your knees are cradled in cushioned comfort, even for extended periods of use.
           "You won’t even know you’re kneeling!"tm

Indoors or outside, use Kneez E-Z for plumbing, carpentry, papering, electrical, floor coverings, cleaning chores of many kinds, landscaping, washing floors, painting, auto detailing, hem alterations, and machinery maintenance just to name a few of its many uses. Move around the work area without having to get up and down.

Kneez E-Z maneuvers in tight areas smoothly and operates quietly on a hard surface with its special 3 inch twin casters and Urethane tread construction. Guaranteed not to mark the floor.

Kneez E-Z is a comfortable alternative to knee pads. It not only moves with you as your task takes you across a room, but it doesn't bind around the knees as traditional knee pads do. Kneez E-Zis lightweight, yet durable with every component proudly made in the USA.

Photography by Grand Lubell, Sylvania, Ohio.

Kneez E-Z, LLC
P.O. Box 217 Williston, OH 43468 Toll Free USA & Canada 1-866-366-Knee (5633)

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Kneez E-Z is the premier cushioned floor coaster, making every low-level task much easier,
reducing stress on the back and knees. Every component made and assembled in the USA, in Northwest Ohio.