Kneez E-Z is designed to make any kneeling task go so much easier        


Accessories:    Flashlight     Tote Bag
Kneez E-Z
Cushioned Floor Coaster

Kneez E-Z maneuvers in tight areas smoothly and operates quietly on a hard surface with its special 3 inch twin casters and Urethane tread construction. All of this gives a special added value guarantee not to mark a floor.

“I usually hate working on my knees.  Not only do my knees ache, but getting up after even a couple of minutes was always a problem.  But with Kneez E-Z, I don’t even notice my knees, and I was amazed at how easy it was to stand, even after kneeling for an extended period of time.  Middle age doesn’t have to mean you can’t do things around the house anymore.” Mary C., Ohio

The cushion is made of a two component material with an exclusive protective covering offering a soft and cushioning, gravity defying, weightless feeling. Kneez E-Z takes the stress off backs and knees to increase productivity while reducing fatigue.

Use Kneez E-Z for plumbing, carpentry, papering, electrical, floor coverings, cleaning chores of many kinds, landscaping, washing floors, painting, auto detailing, hem alterations, and machinery maintenance just to name a few of its many uses. Your knees are cradled in cushioned comfort, even under extended periods of use. You won’t know you’re kneeling!

Although Kneez E-Z has been featured on TV,
the accessories below are only available on the Kneez E-Z website

Optional exclusive

Floodlight reflector covers ten times more work area than a standard flashlight. Special feature includes the removable battery pack for easy loading. Carry an extra battery pack with you to the job. Lets you keep it handy if you need to change batteries. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket. Or you can remove the pack and change batteries outside the light. The complete pack slips into the light easily, making battery changes simpler and faster. Extra battery pack available for additional purchase.

* Alkaline batteries recommended for longer use and storage life. Batteries not included.

Optional Tote Bag

  • High performance large Royal Blue nylon tote
    Water-and tear resistant
  • Special design to hold Kneez E-Z and so much more…
  • Carry Kneez E-Z to the job site
  • Ideal choice to use for many sport activities, at the beach, camping, or take to the boat
  • Hangs for convenient Kneez E-Z storage
  • Tote bag is 20 inches high, 18 ½ inches wide, by7 inches

Kneez E-Z is lightweight, durable, and every component,
as well as every optional product is proudly made in the USA.


Kneez E-Z, LLC
P.O. Box 217 Williston, OH 43468 Toll Free USA & Canada 1-866-366-Knee (5633)

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Kneez E-Z is the premier cushioned floor coaster, making every low-level task much easier,
reducing stress on the back and knees. Every component made and assembled in the USA, in Northwest Ohio.