Kneez E-Z is designed to make any kneeling task go so much easier         

Use Kneez E-Z for

  • plumbing
  • carpentry
  • papering
  • electrical
  • cleaning chores
  • landscaping
  • washing floors
  • painting
  • auto detailing
  • hem alterations
  • machinery maintenance
  • boat maintenance
  • organize lower cabinets

and much, much more

And even though Kneez E-Z is a comfort to kneel on, you can sit on it too. And because Kneez E-Z allows you to sit comfortably a few inches off the ground, you can sit more comfortably sit with crossed legs. And it's easy on your back.

And remember, you can use the cushion separately: it works as a great seat cushion at sports events, on picnincs, or anywhere you need a little more comfort.


Kneez E-Z is celebrating its Second Anniversary,
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In the Home or out in the garden or garage

"I love it for weeding my brick patio. The cushion is so comfortable to kneel on that it is so easy to do what had always been a difficult job."
- Bette, Richfield, OH.

For Industrial use
by technicians, carpenters, plumbers, and more....

“I was wondering when someone was going to make something like that”, said a HAC technician who often has to access furnaces in crawl spaces, requiring moving 50 or more feet back and forth on his knees.  “It’s comfortable, and well-made.”


Kneez E-Z, LLC
P.O. Box 217 Williston, OH 43468 Toll Free USA & Canada 1-866-366-Knee (5633)

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Kneez E-Z is the premier cushioned floor coaster, making every low-level task much easier,
reducing stress on the back and knees. Every component made and assembled in the USA, in Northwest Ohio.